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Over the past 10 years, smartphones have evolved and changed the way human beings live. With new technology being introduced, the world is moving faster than ever. And people are more intelligent than ever. With so much competition and new phones launching every 6 months, smartphone companies are desperately trying to bring something new with their latest phones. Every year the top contender for the best smartphone varies, so it’s really difficult to decide which is the best.

The best-selling and highest quality smartphone companies in Pakistan are listed below.


Samsung is a top-selling brand with the best quality smartphones in the market. And not only in Pakistan, but it is also the biggest brand in the world. Samsung’s Galaxy S and the Note series are the most popular smartphones in the world. Their innovative and cool designs and the newest features along with specifications are what sets the bar high for the other high-end flagship smartphones.

Along with their high-end and expensive mobile phones, Samsung also releases budget smartphones at affordable prices and very good features. This is the main cause of them being the best-selling smartphone in Pakistan.


Apple is the most popular smartphone brand in the world. Their perfection and user experience are highly praised. Apple releases premium phones only once a year. Apple’s iPhones are future-proof and very long-lasting. Although they may be expensive, the iPhone community in Pakistan is crazy about Apple. iPhones are very much hyped in Pakistan, and they’ve become more like a status symbol than a necessity.


Huawei is a China-based smartphone company. They develop very good android based smartphones. Huawei has a reputation for releasing long-lasting phones, and it is one the biggest smartphone manufacturing companies in the world. They challenge all the top smartphone contenders with their best flagship phone every year. Huawei is known for its high quality and low and affordable prices without cutting any corners. Leica cameras in Huawei smartphones are arguably the best camera in any smartphone.


Although Nokia smartphones aren’t very well received all over the world, Nokia is still one of the biggest mobile companies in Pakistan, all thanks to its early button phones like the Nokia 3310. As a majority of people in Pakistan aren’t educated enough to be able to use a smartphone, Hong-Kong-based prefer to use old Nokia phones to place and answer phone calls. And these phones are also very cheap and easy to find.


Oppo is very popular in Pakistan for its selfie-focused cameras and affordable smartphones. Oppo is popular among youth for sleek designs and unique colored mobile phones. The target of the OPPO brand in Pakistan is mostly teenagers and people who love taking selfies. Oppo has been operating in many countries and sold about 100 million units in 2019 alone.


Vivo was founded in 2009. It’s a Chinese manufactured company. They have a vast range of smartphones that fall in the budget category. Their smartphones offer promising features with high specifications. Vivo is a lot like OPPO.

Vivo is dealing mainly with three series including X series, Y series, and V series smartphones to approach the high, medium, and low-end audience.


QMobile is a smartphone manufacturing company based in Karachi, Pakistan. It is very popular in Pakistan mostly because of its low prices and very high On-paper specifications. But in recent years, people are starting to lose their trust in QMobile because of the poor quality and the specifications not being as impressive as advertised. QMobile phones aren’t very durable but because of their low prices, people purchase them in Pakistan.


LG Electronics is one of the most well-known companies in the world, and they are the second-largest television manufacturer in the world. Their smartphones are also something worth noting. LG also released its high-end flagship smartphones to compete with the other best in the market. LG is popular for its G series, K series, and Nexus devices.


Realme is a Shenzhen-based Chinese mobile phone manufacturer company, and it’s one of the top mobile brands in the World, thanks to their new high-end smartphones that fall in the budget range. It is one of the renowned phone brands in Pakistan with smartphones and accessories, fitness equipment, and bags. 

Realme phones are very reliable, to say the least. Their phones have very high customer satisfaction reviews. The battery life on Realme is very amazing too and most of their phones come with a fast charger included in the box, so topping up the battery is very easy too. Moreover, Realme’s all-new UI is so clean and user-friendly. It combines the fluidity of the regular android with the extra features of colorOS brilliantly. Camera processing and image quality is another key strength of their mobile phones. All of their phones have excellent imaging capturing capabilities.


Infinix phones have been a very hot topic in Pakistan for a while now. Infinix is a Hong-Kong-based smartphone manufacturing company, and it was founded in 2012. Infinix is mainly popular because of their HOT, Zero, and Note series that meets the requirements of the people at a low price. They have gained the trust of the users with their high-efficiency smartphones.


Xiaomi was established in 2010. It is regarded as one of the best brands in Pakistan and overseas too. Xiaomi is best known for delivering high-end tech at the most budget prices. They are also very influential in the smartphone world as they make creative choices with their smartphones. 

Xiaomi phones have a wide range of smartphones at multiple price points. The Xiaomi note series offers an excellent screen with very high brightness, a strong build, and super-fast performance. Their most budget smartphones are the redmi series, their screens are not as strong as the note and the build quality is just okay too. However, for the price of redmi it definitely offers excellent value and is good for 2 to 2.5 years run at max.

The lure of purchasing higher-end smartphones is that they can last even half a decade. But since technology is growing so fast that even a regular desktop would outmatch a 4-year-old smartphone, the upgrade is not a choice but a necessity in the upcoming future.

Tecno Mobile

Tecno is an electronic band based in Hong Kong. They also have the same target as most of the other popular brands in Pakistan, which is to offer premium quality with better designs at the lowest possible price. Techno sells millions of smartphones every year all over Pakistan. The reviews of Tecno mobile phones are pretty promising. The phones excel in almost every aspect such as design, display, software, performance, battery, camera, and an excellent buy.


Motorola is an American Company. Motorola was widely known when smartphones were first introduced and even before smartphones when regular typing phones were common. After a decade, Motorola is becoming popular among mobile phone users again, because of its Z series. Motorola has now introduced high-end smartphones to its users, and they are being received very well.


Sony is a multinational electronic company. Sony Ericsson mobile phones were a huge name before the smartphone era took over. They are popular for their gaming consoles, televisions, and appliances. But now with the Xperia series, Sony has started to regain the smartphone audience bit by bit. It’s not that their phones are bad in any way, just the fact that they are falling behind the rest of the competition, for the past few years. The rivals of Sony in the smartphone world are outdoing them with such ease. Sony releases phones that are too similar to the previous one.


With the influence Google has all over the world, it is no wonder that their smartphones were a huge success when they were first launched. Google Pixel is one of the most complete android phones, and it has almost everything. The latest Pixel 5 has an amazing camera and the fastest chip. Google Pixel phones are also making their way in Pakistan due to the impressive quality and easy-to-use interface.


Although Asus is mainly a Laptop manufacturing company, they make the best gaming phones with the best specifications. And due to the increase of mobile gaming in Pakistan (majorly PUBG), people are buying Asus phones more than ever. Asus has the best specifications and most gaming-friendly phones.

If you want to buy a phone that has a very powerful benchmark score and is very long-lasting in terms of battery, Asus is definitely the perfect choice. Although some Chinese manufacturers are cheap in terms of prices, the quality of Asus is unmatchable.

Asus’s best smartphone lineup consists of the ROG and ZenoFone Max series.

These are the best-selling and the major companies selling smartphones in Pakistan. All of these companies are unique in their own way. Let us know which company is your favorite and who do you think deserves the top spot of them all.

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