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Snapchat filters have been in trend since they were introduced back in 2015. Since then, several apps have implemented the same formula of adding filters to their camera interface. But the quality and the unlimited amount of filters that Snapchat offers are very difficult to recreate. Just in 2020, Almost 1.5 million new Snapchat lenses and filters were introduced.

Snapchat filters have augmented reality integrated that detects your face. To activate these face filters, look at the camera and make sure your face is recognized by either the front or the back camera. Press the screen and hold down where your face is on the screen. At the bottom, you’ll see different filters pop up in circles. Swipe them and test them out. Some of these filters will work when you do certain things like open your mouth or raise your eyebrows. For example, in the infamous dog filter, a tongue comes out and licks upon opening the mouth.

Here are the 11 must-have Snapchat filters in 2021 to get the most awesome photos.

Vogue Noir

Ever wondered what it would be like gracing the cover of Vogue? Well, this filter makes that dream come true. Sometimes, it doesn’t. (well, that depends on the photo). The very true black and white tones give your photos a professional feel. It can also be applied to a dumb photo and that way it is even funnier. Vogue Noir by Tyler Allen is one of the best and the most popular filters of Snapchat. You may apply this cool filter to your ordinary-looking snaps and convert them into the cover of Vogue magazine.

Polaroid Frame

For people who like aesthetic or old-school pictures, this filter is the one. With Saman Hasan’s Polaroid Frame filter, the photos get a natural feel to them. The filter softens the picture and adds a slight blur to it. With almost every filter changing and adding layers to our natural look, sometimes all we need is a natural filter to add a few tweaks.  Polaroid frame adds just the right amount of softness and brightness that is necessary and makes your photograph look beautiful. A lovely flower border that comes within this filter is just the cherry on top. The date of the day is specified at the bottom in a unique font that is personally hand-drawn. 

This filter takes care of the skin texture and makes the photos even more glamorous. Embracing the beauty within.


A VHS effect is a distorted, textured effect that recreates the look of an old analog video recorded on a cassette tape. Creating this vintage effect captures a nice old-school feel to a snap.

In film, A good time to use these retro and glitchy type effects would be, to create an atmosphere for a bit of distortion, either video or audio. Or maybe sometimes, it is needed to replicate the found footage look or to convey a dramatic memory or a recollection of the past. But teenagers these days are very into this filter because it looks cool. 

The retro filter never gets old, (although it is old). The trend never runs out and these filters are still as trendy as ever. This VHS filter adds that glitchy effect and gives a feel of the old VHS recordings and CRT TV lines. This filter has a very big appeal, and its idea of recreating the old-fashioned style is what attracts Snapchat’s primary demographic.


Pecan by Luckee Bains saves you the time to put on makeup or going to the beach to get the perfect tanning photos. Nowadays people spend lots of money and time on tanning salons, but if it’s a matter of just a few photos, this can easily be achieved with this Snapchat filter.

Pecan filter captures the perfect tan pictures, and it also lets the users control the effect with a few simple tweaks. This is the perfect tan look filter out there that gives you a strong tan without exaggerating it and most importantly you can even control the amount of tan. It also adds grains to your picture. Although, sometimes it can overdo the grains, and if you don’t like them, you can tap to turn off the grains. 

My Twin

Everyone has probably wondered at some point in their life, what would their doppelganger look like, or if they had a twin what would they be like? Well, Snapchat lets you experience what would you look like if you had a twin sibling of the opposite gender. A few years back, gender swap technology could only be seen in movies but now it’s possible even with a Snapchat filter thanks to augmented reality.

It’s a fun filter that enables you to see an opposite gender version of yourself. If you are male then this filter will convert your face to a female one, and if a female tries it then this filter will convert your selfie to a male face. You will be very shocked to see how you will look in your opposite gender even if you have the slightest idea. People play pranks with this filter and have fun. That is why it is one of the most popular filters on Snapchat. It changes the hairstyle, eyes, facial features, and the texture of the skin to convert them into the opposite gender.

Neon Horns

You don’t need to wait for Halloween to go all scary. Some cool filters from Snapchat let you do that while you’re snacking in your bed. And the coolest of them all is Neon Horns. The emphasis on neon colors makes this filter classic and evergreen. By adding the bright neon horns to the dim black and white photo, it allows you to create those perfect Halloween looks. You may select one of the many neon-colored horns. The only downside of this filter is that it comes in a few limited colors, the horns come in color options like pink, white, lime green, magenta, orange, and light blue.

Lips Freckles

This is the best filter for when you’re having a bad day. It is the perfect filter to make you feel loved and bring out good vibes. Lips Freckles works just as the name suggests, It applies a layer of lipstick mark as a blush to your nose and cheeks just as freckles would be. This simple filter can have a great influence on elevating the users’ frame of mind. Users may also use it to hide any unwanted spots, pimples, or dark circles, and create a perfect snap at the same time.


Does everyone sometimes wonder how we would look when we age? With wrinkles and white hair on our face, how would it affect our appearance? The Old filter by Snapchat lets you do just that. It is the opposite of beauty-defining filters and brings out the old person in you. At times, it is quite accurate and other times it’s just bland funny. It is a very big trend now, therefore take a picture in this filter and ride the trend wave.

Fire Sunglasses

When you are feeling motivated and pumped up to do something, this is the right filter for that time. The fire sunglasses filter makes you feel like you’re the boss. 

This filter gives your shades some flames burning in the glasses. The fire fuels the energy to the photos. This filter uses Augmented Reality at its best. Users can take uplifting snaps using this filter.

Beach Vibe

Beach Vibe by Ana Casciello is the perfect filter for summer. It color corrects everything to give it a bright and sharp look and makes certain colors pop on the screen. This filter is the perfect example of the orange and teal effect. It gives the feel of a sunny day at the beach. Capturing your surrounding feels even more of a livelier experience with the bluer tone.

Simple Look

A simple makeup look is ideal for everyday routine, whether you go outside or stay home and take pictures. But for days where you don’t feel like wearing makeup and still want to look beautiful in your pictures, this is the filter. This filter highlights your natural beauty and takes the best-looking photos in your simplest look. The difference between a picture taken in this filter and one taken from a regular camera is astonishing. With minimal effort, your photos can look so much better.

These are the 11 best filters to use in Snapchat in 2021. With Snapchat growing rapidly and new users signing in regularly, the amount of new filters getting released each day is also increasing exponentially so, the list will never end since Snapchat keeps adding more, so it’s safe to assume that it is just the cream of the crop. There is a chance every day that a new, more exciting filter may pop up. Keep taking awesome snaps, and let us know if you have any questions or queries.

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